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My cannabis career started early selling Santa Marta Gold from Colombia, and for many years I smuggled cannabis from Mexico to the US, and that’s how I came to love Mexico and its people. Ultimately I stepped away from that part of the underground due to cartel threats and years later, after starting Harborside Health Center, I entered the legal industry. I began to get invited to speak at some of the early cannabis conferences in Latin America, and discovered a whole other cannabis scene being built by people who are interested in cannabis because they love the plant.

When I visited Latin America last year, I was impressed by how many of the leading activists are women and two of them are my guests for this episode. My dear friends, Polita Pepper and Daniel Espinel-Ceruti join me to discuss what’s happening with cannabis reform in Latin America? We also touch on visionary plants, feminism, Indigenous culture; AND environmental restoration in Latin America.

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