Forbes: How America Botched Cannabis Legalization

July 20, 2023
the cannabis question

The Cannabis Question | Extended Preview | NOVA | PBS

September 24, 2021
As state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA investigates the latest scientific evidence for its potential benefits and risks, and how criminalization has disproportionately harmed communities of color. The Cannabis Question on NOVA…
Hemp Field

Hemp Is The Hope Of The World

January 10, 2021
A beautiful future is still possible if we take the time to listen to Mother Nature, and heed the warnings she is sending us. She has given us all the…

HIGH Visions in Oaxaca

November 1, 2020
High Visions High in the mountains, psychedelic imagery is everywhere in San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca, even in the most obscure places. When you visit here you begin to understand…
Traditional Moroccan Hash Making

Traditional Moroccan Hash Making – Part 2

October 29, 2020
This method of making hash can be done almost anywhere with materials that cost less than $50 dollars. I love the simplicity and durability of this low tech approach that…
Traditional Moroccan Hash Making

Traditional Moroccan Hash Making – Part One

October 29, 2020
Giving you a brief introduction for what's to come in my one of my upcoming videos. The simple and effective way Moroccans have been making their hash for at least…

Global Hemp Day Keynote

October 7, 2020
Ready for some good news? In this short speech, originally delivered at virtual Global Hemp Day by Arcview Group and Canna Tech on September 15, 2020. I explain Mother Nature’s…