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Every time I get together with my next guest, no matter what part of the world, there is always loads of fun and laughter. Jim Belushi, the great comedic actor, storyteller, musician and now cannabis farmer joins me for the next hour. Since ancient times, people have always imbibed in visionary substances with the aim to induce joyous laughter and creativity; two things that Jim has achieved great success in his professional career. Now Jim is channelling his passions into his new upcoming TV series, Growing Belushi on Discovery Channel, which centres around Belushi’s Farm. You can’t appreciate the laughter of life without going through some pain, and both Jim and I, share with one another about the loss of our own brothers and the impact it had on our lives. What was the path of experiences that led Jim down a road to devoting his life to growing cannabis in Oregon and what does he hope to achieve with his newfound mission? In this episode, get an intimate and personal look into the life of Jim Belushi from the lens of cannabis. Check out Jim’s upcoming tv series on Discovery, Growing Belushi.…

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