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Natalie Papillion is a strategist, organizer and policy wonk with nearly a decade of experience building momentum behind brands, causes and candidates. Natalie has worked in both the social and business sectors, including various strategy, marketing and operations leadership roles at Google, Rent the Runway and The Future of Storytelling.

Natalie has also worked as a writer, researcher and curator for both academic and mass-market publications, including her forthcoming  history “Reefer Madness: The Roots of Drug Prohibition in America”. Natalie is a graduate of Yale University, where she concentrated in the social, cultural and political history of Black communities in the US. Most recently, Natalie has joined the Last Prisoner Project as our Policy Adviser/Director and as a board member. Her most recent work paper, “Criminal Injustice: Cannabis & The Rise of the Carceral State”, dives into the sordid history behind America’s marijuana laws, and details the staggering human and economic cost of this unjust and ineffective crusade. **** Instagram: @napapillion Twitter: @npapillion

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