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I met both of our guests in the course of my work with the Last Prisoner Project and asked them to share their stories; to share the horror they experienced, so that all parts of our community might better understand the real-life impact of cannabis Prohibition, in the hopes of inspiring more activism in the global cannabis community.

Evelyn La Chapelle and Stephanie Shepard were both recently released from Federal prisons in the United States, where at least 40,000 other cannabis prisoners are still incarcerated, but we know that there are people imprisoned and sometimes executed for cannabis crimes all around the world. If the stories you are about to hear inspire you to take action, a great starting point would be figuring out how many cannabis prisoners there are in your country, what their conditions are, and how they can best be helped. Once you get that information, let us know, and we’ll share it with the rest of the global community.

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